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About SNT Geotechnical Ltd.

Risk Solutions

SNT Geotechnical Ltd. is a specialist consulting company located in Nelson and Kelowna BC with a focus on geotechnical engineering, natural hazard assessments and analysis, and risk management. 

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The Team

Behind the Scenes

At SNT Geotechnical Ltd, we have an exceptional team of engineers and geoscientists with extensive geotechnical, hydrological, terrain, landslide, and slope stability experience throughout BC.

Doug Nicol, P.Eng.

Senior Geotechnical Engineer and Principal
Nelson BC

Mike Walsh, P.Eng.

Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Kelowna, BC

Dwain Boyer, P.Eng.

Senior Water Resources Engineer
Nelson BC

Ryan Williams, P.Geo.

Intermediate Geoscientist 

Nelson BC


Pete Wittstock, P.Eng.

Intermediate Geotechnical Engineer

Nelson BC


About: Team
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